Building Information Model (BIM) is a 3D digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. It’s also a shared knowledge resource of information about the facility, imperative for making accurate decisions on every stage its life cycle.

Finding a company that has an impressive success record, employs robust business execution tools, values environmental responsibility and puts a strong emphasis on problem-solving and accountability is crucial when choosing a construction management partner.

VTN’s Development Services Team has provided expertise necessary for some of the most prominent projects in the Southwest. Previous projects range from large private development projects, including single and multi-family communities, to golf course development, large master-planned communities, commercial, retail, large office projects, and parks.

VTN has been providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services since 1990. Our GIS department is an integral part of the engineering, planning, and surveying services we provide, which lets our clients share information with other stakeholders at every stage of the project life cycle.

High-Definition Scanning offers many benefits to the measurement professionals as well as any recipients and users of accurate spatial datasets, such as civil engineers, plant designers, CAD professionals, architects, contractors, and owner/operators.

Understanding and evaluating the potential flood impacts to property and its effect on public safety is a critical component of projects in both the Public Works and Private Development sectors.

VTN’s planning professionals are a cornerstone to the overall success of the company. The Planning Department is responsible for all facets of master planning and entitlements.

VTN’s Public Works Team is committed to providing immediate professional performance and an immediate response to its clients. Our attention to detail and the unique opportunities and challenges of each project, result in a service to the community that goes well beyond the ordinary.

Producing clean energy through renewable resources such as wind and solar power has direct benefits on the health, environment and climate of the world today and for future generations.

3D Subsurface Utility Engineering (3D SUE) is an engineering process that helps to locate and map underground utilities and pipelines. It provides a 3D mapping of utility systems necessary for facility design.

VTN brings together the latest technical innovations in conventional, robotic and GPS technology and the practice of sound land surveying to provide a complete suite of land surveying services.

From the design and planning of a large freeway system project to a local collector street, our engineers deliver projects on schedule.

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